6 Best Penetration Testing Companies

Blockchain penetration testing companies

Penetration testing is an ethical hacking procedure used to analyze and comprehend critical vulnerabilities. It is the simulation of a cyberattack on a system by an individual or organization to identify usable parts of the system. It often involves violating a system API, interface, or server.

Penetration testing is carried out at different stages, from determining the goals of a pen test to the final analysis of the whole system. The main purpose of penetration testing is to understand the vulnerabilities and weaknesses of the critical systems before external cyber hackers discover and attack them.

Typically, pentesting companies are hired for such purposes, carrying out inspections in stages and providing an appropriate report. However, the search engine will return dozens of possible options if you google it. Therefore, let’s look at companies that have earned trust ratings. But first of all, let’s discuss how to choose a trustworthy penetration testing company.

How to Opt for a Top Penetration Testing Company?

There are three main criteria that you should rely on when choosing one of the best penetration testing companies:

  • Good market reputation. It’s important to do company research to make sure you’re making the best decisions for your security audits. Reviews are one of the best sourses of information about a product or service someone has used. In addition, they can be a fabulous method to obtain more details about what you have questions about or learn more about what interests you.
  • Thorough pentest report. The penetration testing reports can impact your business. It can allow you to fix problems and find software solutions. The problem is that pen testing reports can confuse experienced IT security experts. You can spend hours exploring for the information you need. That’s why choosing the best penetration testing company makes it easy to understand important.
  • Customer support. It is a constantly changing situation, and the business is continuously evolving. Therefore, companies should never compromise on their support services. It should be paramount when choosing a penetration test provider.

What Companies Provide the Most Reasonable Penetration Testing Services?

Now that we have decided on some criteria for selecting a provider to improve security services, it is worth discussing top penetration testing companies. We have identified six that can conduct reliable network security audits, provide a detailed report, and have an active support team.

#1 Hacken

This company gained a foothold in just five years as one of the leading penetration testing companies. The mission of 2022 is to make Web3 a safer place. Therefore, they often use web application penetration testing to search for vulnerable security policies using different types and checks, such as automated vulnerability scans, etc.

Since 2017, the company has provided cybersecurity services to over 1,000 top clients and secured over 50 crypto exchanges. The team demonstrates how a hacker can illegally infiltrate a system through penetration tests. In addition, they use top tools for vulnerability assessment and correcting existing and possible weaknesses.

#2 Astra Security

It provides a comprehensive security testing tool, Astra Pentest, with powerful manual and automated testing capabilities. With over 3,000 test cases, this penetration testing ensures no missed vulnerabilities. In addition, experienced penetration testers manually detect business logic errors and payment gateway breaches and provide no false positives.

Its comprehensive penetration test suite has powerful patch support, making it one of the best in the industry. Companies gain access to their systems, where hacker-powered security runs various automated routine tasks. As a result, they have prevented security risks in many large companies like Ford, Muthoot Finance, Gillette, etc.

#3 Kualitatem

It is one of the world’s top software testing companies. It has the experience to provide the best code review and cyber security solutions. It has gradually grown into a brand concentrating on all market segments for SMBs and business service providers.

It offers many core services, including consulting services, solutions, penetration testing, network security testing, code review services, platform compatibility testing, automated testing companies, and mobile application testing.

#4 Redbot Security

It changed the penetration testing scope to suit the client’s budget and project. It is one of the penetration testing firms that supply security assessments to SMBs and Fortune 100 companies. In addition, it provides comprehensive remediation reports to its clients and has experience in external and internal penetration testing, applications, wireless, and ICS/SCADA.

Its testing process consists of the services to offer consumers very competitive rates for service and enterprise-level service. It makes the company highly sought after for any project size. It has different options for security research for large and small projects while meeting the deadlines and budgets of its clients.

#5 Testing Technologies

It is one of the network penetration testing companies that have over five years of experience. It provides various security testing services around the world. The main demand for cutting-edge technology is seen in many ways to check cloud security through automated and continuous testing.

Testing does its best to keep its programs up to date. Managed security services offer different working solutions for all systems that can be easily solved by following the report’s instructions. In addition, this penetration testing provider presents nine types of penetration testing on its official website.

#6 QA Mentor

Its physical security testing practice includes numerous service offerings such as Security Penetration Testing, Security Assessment, Cyber ​​Security, Web, and Mobile Security Vulnerability Assessment, Static Code Analysis, and Cyber ​​Security Policy Enforcement.

It uses the best enterprise security tools like Nessus, Wireshark, Metasploit, etc. Security researchers are ready to provide penetration testing solutions to any vulnerabilities and bugs resulting from the test. For example, network log monitoring checks the needs of the network itself and the security of individual components. In addition, it makes it possible for illegal gaining access to information.


Penetration testing services are difficult for many business owners as it takes time to comprehend and operate properly. Many companies don’t have the time or resources to devote to penetration testing, so many ignore the issue. The solution is to outsource it to the best penetration testing providers. Start your search for the best leading security engineers from the top of our list.


How much does application security testing cost?

The price may depend on many factors and the completeness of the pen testing itself, but on average, it is $5,000-50,000. Of course, you can find a cheaper cybersecurity service provider, but be careful that his experience and skills are enough to perform penetration testing efficiently.

What is the peculiarity of external penetration testing?

The peculiarity is that this is an important first step in ensuring cybersecurity. Using new firewalls and reliable cloud security providers to host and save a company’s infrastructure sometimes directs to an incorrect sense of protection over the protection provided. This vulnerability scanning will help determine if it is so.

What are the most common application security solutions?

Most often, adopting a cybersecurity framework, automating and integrating security tools, maintaining a bounty program, and following safe software practices may help to cope with threats.

What are advanced persistent threats (APTs)?

This term describes an attack in which attackers establish an illegal long-term presence on a network to pull sensitive data.