Are you a business owner, store or in an office where simple security measures are only benefited through staff ID cards which might not be enough, If you are in this category, there is need for you to grow by embracing high the security ID cards created with the understanding of technologies used.

Zebra technologies offers you the recent technology for creating and designing your ID cards with all the security feature available like: allowing users to create layered security and encrypt complex information into cards which are sufficient for protecting sensitive data and restricting access to work areas. These features will be designed to occur throughout the ID cards to ensure comprehensive security. Watermarked paper or holographic laminate are used because they are difficult to counterfeit, defending against personal data alteration by using personalized technologies to enhance tamper-resistance by penetrating the substrate with an inkjet permeating into passport paper and laser engraving of suitable polymers held deep beneath the surface of the card or passport data page. For organizations subject to stringent regulatory and compliance mandates, they should opt for printer/encoder solutions that enable them to create and manage the production of their own custom ID cards in-house.  We design ID cards to accommodate specialized technologies such as holographic film and security inks and processing them through   reverse transfer printing. This has given rise to a new breed of heavy-duty re-transfer printers incorporating a range of security features designed for maximum security. Moreover, most of these high-capacity printers also have built-in security to forbid access to unauthorized individuals.QQ截图20150119115556

Zebra Technologies services are Qualitative, Secured, Durable and cost effective. We render quality service by making sure that the high quality ID card created have primary portrait which will be crisp and clearly defined to allow easy authentication, Machine-readable features like  chips, optically readable characters (OCR) and barcodes which will read consistently and accurately.

Again, we make sure that the security of an ID is a measure of how well it resists deliberate attack, how difficult it is to simulate or tamper and how easy the document may be verified as being genuine. We also put into consideration durability of the ID card created which defines its resistance to change irrespective of whether it is exposed to a variety of environmental hazards during its life span such as light, flex, extreme temperatures and humidity. It may also be subjected to accidental attack such as laundering or deliberate misuse like using a card for something other than intended. Our ID with high durability will survive the required validity period without a significant visual change and without compromise to its performance.

So, kindly go ahead and order for your ID card creation or high security upgrade and we will not hesitate to give you optimum service.


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