There’s no how we can deny the fact that HID access cards is gradually becoming part of every businesses. Both small and big companies now realize that HID access cards come with numerous advantages. Not only that HID access cards served as a means of identification, but also have the capacity to validate information and store data.

For companies that have been battling with serious security issues for a very long time, HID access card could be the only solution for their security challenges.

HID access cards are available in the size of credit card, and they are also referred to as smart cards. They have the capacity to hold all the necessary information that is required for identification and security check.

The technology also makes it possible to embed electronic devices such as barcode, microchip, or magnetic stripe in the card. This additional features add another layer of security to the card. For example, information stored in the card can be read in the computer.

How HID access card works is quite different from the traditional ID cards, which are mainly for identification with limited security measure. HID access card have embedded codes, which are very important for validation. All what you need to do as the holder of HID access card is to swipe the card through the card reader. Once the reader is able to validate the code, it will provide access for the card holder. However, if the information recorded in the system is different from what is in the card (in the case of forgery or illegal duplication), the device will deny the card holder access.

Once a company provide HID access cards for the employees, the need to hire someone to stand at the entry points of restricted regions becomes irrelevant. This is because access is only granted to employees with valid card.

The benefits of HID access card is more than what you can think of at any particular time. It can serve as a reference point when you need to confirm past information. That is, when you need to confirm the people that enter some particular area in the company, you can easily track the information stored in the computer.

By issuing HID access card to your employees, you will notice a great relief and your security challenges will be a thing of the past.

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With regard to the prevailing threats here and there across the world, this is the best time to come up with most suitable strategies to increase the level of security, enhance efficiency level, bringing identity fraud to the barest minimum and be protective of personal privacy. This is achievable when both government and private organizations design ways to permit only the right individuals strict access to the exact information and facilities he is entitled to. It is very obvious that enterprises are in dire need of highly secured credentialing standards coupled with a reliable, repeatable implementation platform.tsa-armstrong-airport-2005jpg-7ce8601391940cc4

Obviously, almost all the identifications and the badging systems are dependent of magnetic stripes, barcodes or even photocopy nowadays. Meanwhile, the latest contactless identification badge incorporates UHF radio frequency identification (RFID) technologies. Indeed, these techniques are only good at associating the badge to the access point; it is very difficult if not impossible for them to actually confirm the right individual who has the badge in his or her custody. Many a time, these technologies in question has failed to meet up with minimum standard of delivering best security even as it guards personal security. As a matter of fact, the conventional ID badges can easily be tampered with, easy to be duplicated and offers inadequate security for the card’s stored data.

On the contrary, smart card IDs prompt all the security attributes required to increase private protection, particularly when apply in a highly conformable system. Smart cards are actually designed with embedded chip giving internally constructed tamper resistance with the memory. Hence, it helps in securing store data; carry out logical functions as well as interacting with a smart card reader with the application of RFID technology, magnetic stripes and barcodes. This ultimately provides an identity management system using very strong details, private protection and also ID security.  Better still, for authenticating information, the smart card’s embedded microprocessor perfectly enables encryption, decryption and biometric matching. The moment any organization engages smart cards, such firm has the potential to meaningfully expand private protection even as they verify personal identity.

Indeed, PIV compliant smart cards offer secure multi-factor authentication with perfect assurance. They effectively incorporate a cryptographic private authentication with personal identification number, finger print biometric template and tamper-proof digital photograph. Smart card offers high levels of assurance for the confirmation of the person’s identity when combined with biometric technology. As soon as the security department programs the smart card and customize it to the user, it offers very reliable identity usable for very extensive cyber-based and physical access transaction.

Furthermore, it is noteworthy to state that strong credentialing similarly guide against identity theft, minimize cases of fraudulent benefit, entitlement or service payment to a person or group who wrongly represent themselves. Financial may see to it that their staff and customers have access to privilege information only while meeting complaints mandates. Companies can use digital signature technologies which verify individual users. Also, both private organizations and government may decide to use FIPS 201 credentialing to enable secure collaboration and information sharing between firms such as emails, intellectual property and personal information kept in HR databases.

In conclusion, it must be emphasized that interoperable trusted credentials remain the solid foundation for security, including cyber and physical. Only the right person should be given access to the right facility and information at the right time. Zebra is reputed for innovation and reliability and now offering a technology called Visible Value Chain.


Are you a business owner, store or in an office where simple security measures are only benefited through staff ID cards which might not be enough, If you are in this category, there is need for you to grow by embracing high the security ID cards created with the understanding of technologies used.

Zebra technologies offers you the recent technology for creating and designing your ID cards with all the security feature available like: allowing users to create layered security and encrypt complex information into cards which are sufficient for protecting sensitive data and restricting access to work areas. These features will be designed to occur throughout the ID cards to ensure comprehensive security. Watermarked paper or holographic laminate are used because they are difficult to counterfeit, defending against personal data alteration by using personalized technologies to enhance tamper-resistance by penetrating the substrate with an inkjet permeating into passport paper and laser engraving of suitable polymers held deep beneath the surface of the card or passport data page. For organizations subject to stringent regulatory and compliance mandates, they should opt for printer/encoder solutions that enable them to create and manage the production of their own custom ID cards in-house.  We design ID cards to accommodate specialized technologies such as holographic film and security inks and processing them through   reverse transfer printing. This has given rise to a new breed of heavy-duty re-transfer printers incorporating a range of security features designed for maximum security. Moreover, most of these high-capacity printers also have built-in security to forbid access to unauthorized individuals.QQ截图20150119115556

Zebra Technologies services are Qualitative, Secured, Durable and cost effective. We render quality service by making sure that the high quality ID card created have primary portrait which will be crisp and clearly defined to allow easy authentication, Machine-readable features like  chips, optically readable characters (OCR) and barcodes which will read consistently and accurately.

Again, we make sure that the security of an ID is a measure of how well it resists deliberate attack, how difficult it is to simulate or tamper and how easy the document may be verified as being genuine. We also put into consideration durability of the ID card created which defines its resistance to change irrespective of whether it is exposed to a variety of environmental hazards during its life span such as light, flex, extreme temperatures and humidity. It may also be subjected to accidental attack such as laundering or deliberate misuse like using a card for something other than intended. Our ID with high durability will survive the required validity period without a significant visual change and without compromise to its performance.

So, kindly go ahead and order for your ID card creation or high security upgrade and we will not hesitate to give you optimum service.


business-security-systems-nycThe main purpose of access control is to regulate the passage of people into or out of certain areas through gates, designated doors or elevators. Obviously speaking, access control is mainly for security purposes. It can be installed in homes, offices, and even in gates of big companies. Whether in homes or companies, access control can help you track the number of persons that enter or exit at any particular time. However there are other security measures that need to be installed in conjunction with access control system.

The commercial security access control system is specifically designed for commercial places, such as bank, supermarkets, wholesale stores, and other reputable places. These control system are capable of detecting certain things that are not allowed in the control area. For example, some of the access control system will deny access to people with metal objects, such as gun.

Until the recent technology advancement, fence, or ordinary door with lock and key was the main access control. Nowadays computer based access control are generally available for home and commercial usage. The present day access control are computer based system paired with biometric scanner, card reader, or radio frequency identification chip.

The most effective measure to control the movement of people into or out of restricted areas is access control system. Amazingly, the system only grant access to authorized personnel, while preventing other people access into the restricted region.

Access control system in businesses, and institutions.

The increasing rate of crime, such as theft, vandalism, terrorism, and assault is very alarming. Hence, the need to install access control system in business places and institutions is very important. If this measure is not taking, your company may continue to run loss. Apart from that, you will also bear liability for your employees, clients, and others who patronize your business. Unless you provide adequate security, you will suffer great loss from lawsuits.

Another reason why you must take security of your business very serious is to secure your life and property. If you fail to put the right security measure in place, your business will be more vulnerable for criminal attack. I am very sure you don’t need anyone to tell you the needful when your business have witness several attacks.

In order for you to prevent all these from happening, you need to install commercial access control system in your company. The system will help you control the people who enter your company and their information will be recorded (provided the feature is included in the system).

Flexibility of commercial access control system

There are many additional security features you can add to your standard control system to meet the requirement of your company.

Some features may be available for your clients alone, visitors, or even staff.

Depending on your company’s security need, you can find the best commercial security access control system by combining various systems together. One part of access control system may be suitable for some particular function, which makes it possible for you to customize the system based on your need.